Vision: (Isaiah 58:11-12). Malachi House Life Center Church embraces the vision of the restorer of the breach where the paths are made straight and streets are restored.  We are part of a bigger vision to help people in communities to be empowered to prosper through the miracle working power of God. With the establishment of the Malachi House International, MHLC Church is reaching out to help the local community as well as helping the veteran population.

Malachi House International Incorporated:
The Malachi House International is made up of a five member Executive Board, an Advisory Board, Case Managers, Housing Advisors and Training Specialists. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 faith-based charity organization that exists to improve the quality of life for the working poor, ex-offenders, displaced workers, at-risk youth, homeless individuals and others who may be disadvantaged and living below the poverty line. The focus of the services of Malachi House International (MHI) is for low income families, working poor and homeless individuals living in Hampton Roads.

The Primary Services  Offered by the Malachi House International are to Provide:
1. Individuals with the tools of empowerment, including education and counseling that will assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment and housing.
2. Humanitarian services to include the distribution of clothing, food in bulk, and the preparation of meals for the needy.
3. The Malachi House Dream Center apartment complex provides a place to stay for low/moderate income persons and there is a transitional housing program for veterans who are in transition and need a place to stay while being re-integrating back into society.

Goal: To ignite hope and vision within each person for the targeted population by fostering new patterns of thinking and goal setting where the persons can encounter personal development and growth with excitement with the desire to learn; and to assist with providing for the basic needs of these individuals and their families; and assisting with helping them to become productive and good standing citizens in their respective communities.

Veterans Transitional Housing- Dream Center: The Malachi House is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) faith-based public charity that exists to help improve the quality of life for veterans who have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand. The Malachi House in partnership with Veteran Administration operates a six-unit apartment complex in the city of Newport News, VA that is being used for transitional housing for homeless female veterans and their families. These units are available for veterans and their families with the main focus of getting them into some type of permanent housing within 9-15 months. In addition to the housing provision, the Malachi House also provides job readiness training, life skills training and financial counseling. Also family and clinical counseling are provided through a partnership with Healing Waters Counseling Center.

Support (How You Can Help): The Malachi House is always seeking partners who can assist with this great work of helping people to help themselves out of homelessness and poverty. We need volunteers to assist with fundraising ideas and activities. Also we need Intercessors to continuous pray for this work and for the veterans and those that are assisting with this most important community outreach.

For further information call (757) 871-0982.


Malachi House Veteran’s Housing Program

“Helping People Help Themselves Out of Poverty and Homelessness”

The Malachi House Veteran’s Housing program is a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the homeless veteran population.  This project include transitional housing, career counseling, clinical counseling, medical assistance, and services for the female veteran’s children.  Our goal is to serve homeless female veterans and their families with excellence so that they will  have all of their needs met and will receive personal development, medical assistance for healthy living and substance abuse assistance so that they are empowered to help themselves become  productive citizens returning to mainstream society.  Our first priority is female veterans and then we will expand our services to other veterans. The MHI has 10 beds for homeless veterans, which consist of several duplexes and single dwelling residents.

      Malachi House International will provide life skills training that will enable the veterans to become self-sufficiency and help them to help themselves out of poverty and homelessness.  By adopting a holistic approach to homelessness, MHI will incorporate the PEACE (Personal Empowerment and Career Enrichment) program and other life skills training to aid in helping the veterans receive personal development and coaching services. Career counseling is provided to assist the veterans in effectively searching and obtaining employment.  Focus is placed on developing a resume, researching the job market, preparing for a job interview and other career enhancing skills. The Malachi House will also provide case management and educational services for veterans to receive all of their entitlement and program services and support.

   The Malachi House International, Inc. and Veterans Administration Medical Center in Hampton, VA will collaborate to assist homeless female veterans. Hampton VA HCHV Coordinator, Healing Waters  Counseling & Training Center and the MHI Program Director and Case management team will work closely together to determine specific services to make available to the veterans to include "mainstream resources."  The main stream resources are federal and state benefits government assistance programs that are based upon the veteran's disability and/or economic status. Also in partnership with Healing Waters Counseling Center, veterans will receive clinical and family counseling.  Malachi House will work together with community organizations such as United Way, LINK and James A. Fields House to provide community services so that the veterans can gain general knowledge and develop leadership skills.  Malachi House will also work with the Virginia Employment Commission to assist the veterans in job searches and professional development.